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Indonesian home cooking - that's what this blog is all about, with recipes, tips and tricks for cooking away from home, as well as photos and videos. Indonesian cuisine, eye-catching photos and various blogs with vegetarian recipes, some of which are what is generally known to the general public.

Jakarta - Foodblogger, food writer and blogger from Jakarta who publishes a daily food adventure, Foolosophy. Indonesian food cooked by her husband and fellow blogger and cookbook author J.J. Purnama.

Aisyah Llewellyn lives in Sumatra in beautiful Indonesia and writes a lot about food and travel in Southeast Asia. Soto is a popular soup in Indonesia, which varies by region, but Bandung is no different.

This local invention from the 1980s consisted of fried fish and wanton dumplings, but Bandung is the only place in Indonesia where you can taste this particular dish. The dish is named after a street vendor named Mr. Ikhsan, who like many Indonesians had one name or another, and when he could not sell his tofu, he decided to stuff it with meat. This is actually a fried meatball with tofu in the middle, eaten with kiikap.

One of the typical meals in Bandung is ambokueh, or ambokue, a kind of pancake made from rice flour and then seasoned with cucumber and vegetable liquid. Indonesian pancakes are made in different ways and come in different versions, but it is known that they are the most popular of all the other cakes made from rice flour and coconut milk.

Like most Sundanese restaurants in Bandung, Sambel Hejo offers everything you should eat as rice. Indonesians eat the main course as if it were a whole meal, not just a meal of rice, beans and rice flour.

The best place to eat is Cafe Bali in Jalan Martadinata, where the children always order the same thing: Siomay in Bandung, a combination of rice, fish and chips. If you have a fussy eater in tow, try Lekker 188, a modern café in the heart of Jakarta that resembles today's version of the old-fashioned café, with a menu that offers everything from local dishes like fish & chips to more exotic dishes like gepuk. The Sundanese favorite in Bandung is Gepsuk, a dish of spicy roasted beef that is sometimes compared to Indonesia's famous beef rendang curry. While the best way to eat Pisang molen is hot from the street stall, this snack is so popular that many buy it as a gift at the end of a trip to Bandung.

The best known is Batagor Kingsley, where other pasta dishes are also sold, but mainly because of the large selection of dishes. Indonesian tourists often choose a proper table and there is a lot of rough trade in the street stalls, especially at the end of the day, after a long day of shopping and shopping.

If you can't decide which foods and snacks you want to try, let Bandang Tour Expert send you on a culinary journey. As in all major cities in Indonesia, there is a great opportunity to be part of one of the country's most popular tourist attractions, such as Bali.

For our Bandung Tour Package we will take you to the floating market, one of Bali's most popular tourist attractions. It is also found on the other side of the city, in the city centre and even in a nearby park.

The Paskal Food Market in Pasir Keliki, near Bandung Station, has more than 100 food vendors, from traditional food from Bandong to international food from Japan and Korea. Within walking distance of the city centre and a short walk from the train station, it houses a variety of food stalls, each offering a unique menu of unique Bandundan dishes and snacks served by more than 100 tenants.

For grilled fish and chicken I recommend the restaurant Sari Sunda with its spicy, spicy and spicy pork belly or the spicy chicken and pork cheeks from the kebangsaan.

If you want to visit Bandung in the near future, it is worth visiting some of these new dishes and dishes from the Sundanian cuisine. If you don't prefer Malaysian food, there are many other options in the city, such as Kebangsaan, Sari Sunda and Kedah. Indonesian - based food blogger who wants to share her experience of making bentos and cooking in Indonesia. Kokiku's Indonesia blog is all about Indonesian production, handmade - with passion, with an emphasis on local ingredients and local flavours.

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